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You don’t just take an idea you had in college and turn it into a multimillion dollar business just like that. It takes a tremendous amount of work and commitment. More importantly, unless you want to get stuck and waste precious hours of your life, you need to find a productivity strategy. We’ve heard tons. For some, it suffices to have an accountability buddy, for others it’s the pomodoro technique. Others, and we do not endorse this, are motivated by finishing the job right before the deadline hits (we’re looking at you, high school students). You don’t have to be a project manager to become super productive…although it may help. Here with us is Osin Hanrahan, the CEO and Co-Founder of Handy. Handy is basically the Uber of cleaning and handyman services. You place an order online or through an app, and then within 24 hours a cleaning service or professional handyperson is there to help. It’s a really simple idea that’s really hard to execute. So how do the CEOs of this world do it?


Always Leave The Office On Time


This is one of those things that are counterintuitive. I don’t mean “always arrive late, but make up for it by leaving early”! I mean block off your time. If you give yourself less time to complete a task, you will be forced to skip unnecessary steps, avoid having “too many ideas” and you will feel accomplished for getting the task done on time.


But it’s not just that. Work never ends. There’s always something to do or a way to get ahead. That’s how our minds work…coming up with things to do. Getting restless if we don’t. But just because our minds do that doesn’t mean we should give into the impulse to keep working.


Stop Pleasing People At Work, Start Pleasing Yourself And Your Family


Young people are mostly affected by this. Interns who have just started their work life, and the like, are over eager to please their boss and they tend to overwork themselves, leading to burnout. In your young years you should absolutely work hard, but you have to do it smartly too, because…


A person who spends a lot of time at the office is not necessarily a productive person


You heard it. Over many years at the helm of a big company, I can tell you that initially the first-in-last-out employees had me fooled. I thought they were the most committed but they aren’t. Those people who spend the most time at the office are either the least focused ones or are on their way to burnout, leading unhealthy lives.