Millennials are addicted to their screens—from their laptops to their phones. However, you can’t blame them since they grew up in the generation where computer games and television were a large part of their pop culture. While many people are going for Netflix over cable television, you may want to put on your high index 1.74 aspheric lenses for this one. What happened on The Bachelor last night left the whole world in a rage. ArieLuyendyk Jr. fell in love with two women at once and only decided the morning of the final rose about whom he would get down on one knee to. He chose the logical reason as opposed to following his heart by proposing to Becca and saying goodbye to Lauren. If you weren’t wearing your high index 1.74 aspheric lenses then you won’t understand the severity of what happened later.


On a happy couple’s weekend between Becca and Arie, Arie realized that he had made a mistake all along. He was still thinking about Lauren when he was with Becca, and he knew deep-down that the more time he was with Becca the more time he was losing with his true love, Lauren. The way he decided to break up with Becca on TV was not classy, although Becca being a publicist was the most poised and elegant in an extremely embarrassing situation. Arie sat down with her and broke up with her on National Television, saying that he was still in love with Lauren. Becca was extremely hurt and kept telling Arie to leave, yet he hung around for a little too long for our taste watching her in despair. On the couch he took a long time to leave and give her peace. He was seen hanging around for no reason wearing his thick specs made of high index 1.74 aspheric lenses. The whole Bachelor Nation was probably screaming at their TV screens telling Arie to leave at that point.


We feel for Becca and cannot imagine how it’s going to be tonight on the second part of After the Final Rose, where all three individuals will take the stage.


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