The world watches Hong Kong with lots of envy. It is a good economic center with real business activity. They are not merely churning out boiler-plate corporations to gather a filing speed here. Hk has real professionals, real bankers, and real attorneys. No one who understands what they’re talking about will accuse you of using a Hk corporation for shady reasons or even to the hideout. That will come in useful, for example, should you be trying to save capital.

Business is amazingly easy here for Hong Kong companies. Nevertheless, it really is getting extremely difficult for foreigners to the lender in Hong Kong. If you do not have a Hong Kong company, look somewhere else. Hong Kong banking institutions are so awash in Chinese money they can gladly turn away anyone who comes without a recommendation.

Hong Kong Registry Of Companies And Company Types

Different company types are there for different business requirements.

A Limited Company:

  • This is the most typical company type
  • This is a business which is incorporated in Hk
  • Owners may take benefit of all the tax benefits as well as concessions open to any incorporated business

A Branch  for a Parent company:

This is for businesses that are incorporated outside Hong Kong and have an office in Hong Kong
They need to sign-up with the Hong Kong Registry Of Companies as a ‘Registered Non-Hong Kong Firm. In contrast to a limited company, a branch office isn’t another legal entity from your where you parent may leverage funds off the credit history of its owner.

Representative Office:

They cannot take part in profit-making activities and may only be involved in limited tasks.
They are of help for companies seeking to explore the Hk market prior to making a larger investment. If a decision was created to enter a deal which produces a legal liability, it must modify the company at the Hong Kong registry of companies to a limited company or branch office.

Company Names

Limited companies that are incorporated in Hong Kong are not able to have the same business name just as those in the index of company names by the Registrar of companies. So you have to a business name search free through the Hong Kong registry of companies search Center or the business search mobile service.

Company Framework

Most limited companies that are incorporated in Hk are personal companies tied to shares.
A personal limited company in Hong Kong needs at least one director who’s a real person and a one company secretary. If the company has just one director, the only real director cannot be the business manager simultaneously. If the company manager is a real person, he should typically have a home in Hk. If the secretary of the business is a corporate body, the registered office should be in Hong Kong. A non-Hong Kong resident might be appointed as a director. The registered office of the company must be located in Hong Kong. There is no requirement for shareholders to be Hk people. The only shareholder could be a director of the business.

Significant Controllers Register

To boost the openness of business ownership to be able to satisfy Hong Kong’s worldwide responsibilities, the company code requires a company that is incorporated in Hong Kong to have and keeps updating its possession details and profits through the Significant Controllers register. This register ought to be open for inspection for legal reasons upon demand.

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